Manufacturing Slicers and Food Preparation Machines

Manufacturing slicers with experience and Machines for meat processing

RHENINGHAUS is one of the leading names in Italy since 1950 in the design, development and manufacturing of a wide range of Professional Machines for the catering and food industry such as Slicers for meat and foods (fish, vegetable, frozen food,…), Meat Mincers, Bone Saws, Hamburger Press and other various machines.

In 2016 Rheninghaus has been acquired by Essedue Srl: the integration of the respective lines of production and the strong productive synergies established the real success of this forward looking operation. Rheninghaus products are still manufactured in the Turin factory by expert technicians that maintain an high quality level.

Manufacturing slicers is our jewel in the crown.

In 2019, in compliance with Regulation (EC) n. 1935/2004 and the Regulation (EC) n. 2023/2006 governing the materials and objects destined to come into contact with food, Essedue Srl with its two brands Essedue and Rheninghaus is the first Italian manufacturer of slicers to have obtained product certification from the ICIM certification body.


Rhenighaus historical slicers

Our activity embraces the whole production cycle, including design, casting of aluminium parts, mechanical machining , assembly, packing and forwarding.

Production cycle Production cycle Production cycle Production cycle

Our variety is the most assorted and complete one and it’s easily adaptable to the various international market requirements: the 98% of our sales is exported and therefore we know and fulfill the most different requirements thus combining the quality level required by the most demanding markets with a competitive price.

We have matured particular experience in the catering and distribution sectors of which we know all specific problems:

  • humidity, heat, sudden changes in temperature
  • rough and not much professional personnel
  • not conventional machine washing and cleaning systems
  • poor maintenance.

The matured experience is in our manufacturing slicers and other machines.

Our catalogue present a complete range of meat and food machines includes:
meat and food slicers: belt or gear driven, gravity or vertical, manual or automatic, anodized or QuanTanium coated
– various machines for meat and food processing

“A strong yet innovative tradition”

Original projects based on our vast experience, designed with creativeness and with customers’ feedback and requirements in mind.

“A solution for every need”

Our professional machines are designed to meet the widest range of food preparation needs.
Our range includes models suited to the limited spaces of coffee bars, belt or gear versions, different solutions for specific products (meat, bread, cheese, vegetables, fish and frozen products), high resistance to humidity.

“Sturdy and high performing workmates”

Powerful motors designed for continuous use; premium quality European components; electric parts resistant to humidity and insects; precision mechanical machining and accurate assembling.

“Uncompromised safety”

All our machines have a CE marking in compliance with European Standards and therefore guarantee the utmost safety.
Our ergonomic and practical cleaning solutions are specifically designed to simplify cleaning and prevent all possible risks.

“Hygiene: an effective pit-stop”

Compliance with the international CE and NSF Standards.
Our innovative solutions simplify cleaning and reduce potential risks. All our machines are supplied with a bottle of FAST CLEANER, a detergent/ sanitizer specifically designed for food preparation machines.